Generating PDF in Skuid

Can we render a skuid page as PDF, just like renderAs in Visualforce?


As far as I know, you cannot simply render as pdf a Skuid page, but 1 workaround i’ve been using is a Chrome Extension named: Fireshot.

Basically can capture the whole page (even parts not visible on your screen) and convert it to pdf

It supports other browsers as well i believe

hope it helps

Dave is right.  Skuid does not support PDF output at this point.  I haven’t tried the Fireshot extension though.  That looks cool (But its not exactly easy setup…)

Actually Rob, on Chrome at least (have not tried any other browser) it’s extremely easy to install and use

It installs like any other extension, and creates an icon next to address bar , with a dropdown to choose if u want to capture whole page, visible part or Selection

to use that link for simpel install on chrome:…


And you can add your vote to this idea: