Generate Support File Issue


Current, we have some problem with using “Generate Support File” Page Action. This is not working completely, sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t. When we built a skuidpage using Lightning Design Theme for Internal, it functions well. But when applying to Community, sometimes it didn’t display in Lightning Design theme, it showed in Default theme instead.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Charlotte, 

When the Generate Support File action fails, do you see an error message on the page, or in the browser’s developer console? If so, please share that and describe anything else about the situation that might be relevant, like which changes you had just made to the page. 

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your response. When we clicked on the Generate Support File action, it stated that it was processing, then it stopped. Thereafter, we went to the Static Resource to check whether it generated the Static Resource or not, but it didn’t.