Generate email body with Parent-Child items/related lists

I’m wondering whether its possible to generate the body of an email with a skuid page & models.

Currently the only way (that I’m aware of) to generate an email across multiple objects is to use a visualforce email template, which provides no ability for the user to edit that email before it is sent to the recipient(s).

HTML and text emails can’t be used as they are limited to a single object only (so far as I can tell anyway)

I’m wondering whether a skuid page, snippets, and merge syntax could be used to generate an email (probably as part of a wizard), where a basic template of Parent object & child related list items is generated, but still provides the user with enough flexibility to edit the email prior to sending.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated.

While a good number of folks have asked about skuidifying the salesforce email templates - we are not aware of anyone who has done so.  If someone showed the way they would be a hero for sure… 

A thought on this…

Would it be possible to use javascript to populate each of the related list items into a ‘long text’ field on the parent model?

e.g. A snippet which iterates over the related list, and for each record, populates a new line in the long text field on the parent model. It would need a line break at the end of each record to be put into the long text field.

It would probably need to limit the number of related records, but in my case I’ll only ever have 5 or 6 related records at most.

I don’t necessarily want to maintain the structure of a table in this long text field, so just simple text is fine, but it would be nice to get each item on a new line. This could probably be done with a trigger in the background, but I thought it might be simpler with some javascript.

(The effect of this is that the email template could be generated on a single object, which gives a bit more flexibility as to which salesforce email templates can be used, and subsequently edited by the user before sending).