gather user feedback from buttons or special popup tags placed throughout skuid pages ...

Not sure if this is something that can be done with js, but here’s what I’m trying to achieve that could be an idea for skuid.

For those of us developing skuid pages for end users, its easy to forget the end users we are building these pages for are not in the backend making the impossible, possible. And most of the time, the end user really doesn’t care, they only care that it does what its suppossed to do. I am fine with this, why bore them with snippets, bugs, etc. So, what happens next is launching the finished product and asking for feedback on anything they may seem wrong. Everyone agrees, as everyone is happy the project has finally been rolledout. Well, 49 skuid pages later, countless models, components, this and that are all in the mix, but you got it all under control, except for one thing we don’t have control of, the end users promise to provide feedback when something goes wrong on their end. In reality, they don’t have time to sit there, screenshot, document, and write up a detailed step by step what went wrong from beginning to end, again, I can’t blame them.

Is it possible to create a button of some type, place it on the front end of the page, when a user clicks on it, it will create a popup invoking an email ( which includes the skuid page’s name, and all the end user would need to do is provide a brief explanation of what happnend, done.

If this can be done today, I’d appreciate how I can do something similar to this, but if it can’t be done, maybe a skuid idea to think about.



You should be able to. Here is a list of merge variables including getting the page URL: You can then do one or both of the following: 1) create an email template in a rich text field that includes all the merge variables you want that the user can copy and paste into an email. 2) create a mailto link that will populate an email subject and body with merge variables that will open the email in the user’s default email agent

Also, this:

Thank you Raymond! I appreciate the information provided. I’ll post back with the development progress.