From custom list view to 'New record' custom page

This is probably a very silly / newbiew question. I have a custom list view page built with Skuid that shows my existing records. When I click the link, it takes me to a custom detail page. Works nicely. When I click the new record button on my list view, I get the out of box new record page.

I am having trouble figuring out what the redirect URL needs to be so that I can get my custom detail page (blank) ready to take all the details and create a new record.

The URL for a tab is as per the following:


The URL for a new record is as per the following:


### is for the Object 3 char prefix found at the begining of every record. ie. Account is always 001. So the Account Tab and New URLs would be:


Thanks! I changed the URL to /ABC/e and when I click the new button, it shows me the out of box Salesforce new record page instead of the Skuid UI. I just need it to navigate to the detail page that I already have, but in a blank / new record state.

Any pointers? Thanks again for your help!


You’ll have to create another Skuid page that will serve as your new record page (if you want to do less work you could clone your detail page and tweak it a little to make it a new record page). Check out this tutorial on how to override the standard Salesforce new record page, and this tutorial walks you through creating the new record page.