"Freeze" columns in tables

The good news is that SKUID’s “table” component lets me build great bulk editing tools… the bad news is that my users like it so much that now they want it to behave more like a spreadsheet. They’re asking for the ability to “freeze columns” on the left hand side of the table. It should involve just building 2 talbles, using the same data, with a checkbox for the columns that should be “frozen” in the left hand table and then having a scroll bar that will scroll the right side table it seems like “row” and “table” level actions would work the same… since both left and right talbles will basically have the same rows. Go for it guys… put this product into overdrive

It looks like they’ve introduced this in Superbank. Does anybody know how to use this feature?

From Superbank Release Notes:


Take a look at this screenshot.  The key is selecting Allow Scroll Bars and specifying a Max Table Height.

Irvin is right.  We’ll be updating all our documentation in the next few weeks.  Our doc folks can’t type as fast as our coders. They keep falling behind the features…

Ooooh - burn. haha

I don’t see the option to freeze columns