found this cool little trick in page builder to find closing bracket/parenthesis/braces --> CTR + P

What else is there in the code editor for hot keys?

Also, would anyone be willing to help me setup my system with as a good and proper javascript coding machine. Right now I’m just using what’s provided in the page builder. It’s not bad but I’d like to get the autocomplete for available methods and properties of the object I’ve typed out. I suppose Eclipse can be good for both Apex and Javascript. Not sure how it works to upload javascript. I’ve always had issues getting it up and working though.

We use the ACE Editor in the Skuid builder. It comes with lots of cool keyboard shortcuts and tricks.  Here is their documentation. 

Hi Pat,

We just use Ace Editor in Skuid, so here’s a list of the hotkeys.

Getting autocomplete to work correctly for a loosely typed language like Javascript actually might be pretty difficult.  (Although I’m sure someone out there has done it.)  Here are the options that I’ve used to write Javascript in Static Resources for Salesforce.

1. Eclipse with IDE
This is the setup I currently use exclusively. Pros: Works well when working with teams.  Prevents overwriting static resources that were changed by another developer. Has everything eclipse has to offer.  Plugins that I currently use (and love) are the Eclipse JSHint plugin and the ZipEditor Plugin for Eclipse.
I prefer to install the standard version of Eclipse (I’m currently running the Luna version of Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers) and then install the IDE after that.

2. Sublime Text with Mavens Mate
Sublime Text is my favorite text/code editor.  Mavens Mate seems to work pretty well.  We at Skuid mostly abandoned this because it didn’t handle conflict resolution with Static Resources very well at the time.  I’m not sure if it’s been improved since I worked with it.

3. Salesforce Developer Console
This has always been kind of buggy and annoying, but they have been improving it with every release.

The browser (I use Chrome) Javascript console is your best friend for testing.