Found a really cool app for cloud backups

Found a really cool app thought i’d share it with the world.  CloudHQ  it offers free syncing from one cloud to another.  Why is this important??  we all need backups, never know, companies go bankrupt, go down, data gets stolen/damaged/corrupted
You need another source for your files in case as insurance
sometimes having another backup is easier to access- in this case email references is easier to search through attachments in gdrive than gmail
Suggest you try it out for free, they have  a completely free account that limits only at 4GB

cloud hq can sync up and backup all kinds of cloud accounts, gmail, google accounts, g drive, salesforce, just about anything even contacts, anything just about,

you can backup and sync, google drive, drop box, box, office 365, one drive for business, amazon cloud drive, amazon s3, webdav, sugar sync, box for businesss,  email like gmail, office 365, outlook, fastmail, yahoomail, icloud mail, salesforce, evernote, basecamp, google contacts google calender, one note for businesss, podio, sandbox salesforce, slack, evernote, 

We used it to backup salesforce, skuid and the like.

pls share other tools that are quite cool and no one knows…

i found it useful for backing up all info including email, contacts, documents and the like attatchments especially were easier to search trhough as its a tool to extract attatchmnts so that you can have a list and record of all them in your google drive account.  REally cool!  Imagine having all your attathcment over the past few years automatically extracted and stored automatically in google drive!  Makes it easier to share them…

all this cloud stuff is making life much easier being able to access your stuff from almost any device anyhwere with an internet connection.  gone are the days of waiting for yoru hard drive to copy backup  viruses and all that crap!

please let me know your thoughts and feedback.

here is the link had people asking:

 link to

there is a chrome extension which enables Gmail users to share gmail labels 

The link is here: