Formula field not working on REST model

I have a formula field called ‘to’ on a REST model with an Insert (POST) action.
The formula is just merge syntax to access the value of another field:


The data I’m requesting exists in the model. From the console:

skuid.$M('PrayerNet_Defaults').getFirstRow()<br>Object <br>Id: "a0O1a000003EWZHEA4"<br>Id15: "a0O1a000003EWZH"<br><b>PrayerNet_Email__c: ""</b><br>PrayerNet__c: true<br>Use_Three_Tensions_Model__c: true<br>attributes: Object<br>__proto__: Object

But the formula field is not returning anything.

‘to’ isn’t in the list of fields in the model.

Any idea what’s happening here?
What should I look for?
Is there a different way to get the value into the model?
I tried to just set the default value with merge syntax instead of using a formula, but that didn’t seem to work, either.

Why are you not using “Field from another model” conditions to populate the parameter of your POST model. This is what I do…

Nice. I was making it way too hard.