Force new user into Skuid view on first login

When a new user/new Skuid page user logs in for the first time, they are presented with the Salesforce classic home page.

The app associated with their profile has two tabs, “Home” (which can’t be removed) and “Skuid UI” (which on click takes them into Skuid). The Skuid UI tab is a visualforce tab.

After the user has initially logged in, clicked “Skuid UI” tab, then they are permanently in Skuid pages, even after logging out. How can I ensure that when I setup a new user, they immediately go into Skuid pages, and not Salesforce classic, without having to login as the user myself?

Skuid UI visualforce tab page


Hi Glenn,

Just to confirm the issue. You create a new Salesforce user with everything configured for Skuid (license, permission set(s), default app set, etc.). They sign into Salesforce for the first time and always land on the standard Home page instead of the app which only has one tab with the Visualforce detailed above. Subsequent logins land on the Skuid page.

Have you tried using page assignments? Set “Home” as object/situation type.

Here’s another community post that may be useful.

You have probably already looked through the following tutorial, but I thought I would share just in case.…



Would a Login Flow help?

You should be able to set the ‘finish location’ (their ‘destination url’) for the user with this approach.