Site won't load after upgrade to Rockaway 8.15.1

I just upgraded my production salesforce to Rockaway 8.15.1 from Banzai (not sure which version) and now all of my skuid pages on sites no longer load.

I’ve checked all of the setting suggested on and see no problems.

The errors I get are a bunch of 404 when trying to load pages like:
and then I get
TypeError: skuid.$ is undefined

See image from Console below.

When I load the page from within Salesforce it loads fine so this is some issue with Sites.

For instance this file is available from within Salesforce:

Any ideas what could be causing this error?

All my users are locked out so any help is very appreciated.


PS I installed the upgrade for Admins Only. Could that have caused this? I then tried reinstalling for All Users but that did not solve the problem.

Looking in Static Resources the skuid__JQueryJS and skuid__SkuidJS have CacheControl set to Private whereas most other skuid resources are set to Public.

Not seeing how to change this on a resource from an installed managed package.

I have confirmed in a Sandbox that this problem is not present for me with Rockaway 8.13 but is present in Rockaway 8.15.1, and that the Static Resources in question are set to Public in 8.13 and Private in 8.15.1.

Hi Tony~

Sorry about that. Our developers are aware of it and are working to get it fixed. I’ll update this post as soon as things are up and running.



This has been fixed and the release is available at now. Sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused you … 

Thanks again for alerting us of this!!!