Site Popups using Include Being Cached

I was having a problem where a popup dialog that used a page include was getting cached, but only when viewing the page on a Site. So, even if data was updated, the dialog would still show old data - it was cached for 10 minutes.

I was able to fix this problem by adding cache=“false” to the Apex Page Include that I copied from the Skuid one.

<apex:page controller="skuid&#46;Ui" sidebar="false" showHeader="false" readonly="true" standardstylesheets="false" doctype="html-5&#46;0" cache="false">
 <!-- Load in external CSS files using link tags --> <apex:outputText value="{!cssLoads}" escape="false" /> <!-- Load local/page/inline CSS --> <style>{!css}</style> <!-- Build the HTML DOM of our page --> <apex:outputText value="{!html}" escape="false" /> <!-- Load in external JS files using script tags with src attribute --> <apex:outputText value="{!jsLoads}" escape="false" /> <script class="nx-include-scripts"><apex:outputText value="{!js}"/></script> </apex:page>

It appears this has been fixed in a later Skuid version of the Include Page but for anyone else tearing their hair out trying to debug this issue I thought it was worth posting this quick fix here.

Hi Tony~

Thanks for sharing your workaround for this!