site page not working in Internet Explorer 11 - UI-Only field checkboxes / picklists won't

If you go to this page on Internet Explorer, the UI-Only checkbox fields are not editable:

I’ve stripped off all extra CSS, but didn’t help. I tried changing one to a picklist field, no luck. 

We are on 8.15.8, going to upgrade to 8.15.9 to see if it helps. 

Looks like the issue is that Internet Explorer doesn’t like Child Pages. 

Actually looks like the issue is having a header at all on the page. 

Hi Jack

I haver checked your link and I can edit the check boxes?

I am on Mac and I checked in Safari and Chrome.

We have had a couple of issues with Internet Explorer but more on font and scaling issues.

Can you check on Chrome?

It works now because I removed the Header from the page. What looks like a header is just a Wrapper styled to looks like a header. 

This makes me very nervous about using headers again, I hope it’s just an issue with site pages and not internal pages, but even so, it kills our development plan of using headers. 

I haven’t yet tried my wrapper technique on a master page, at first I thought it was master/child page that messed things up so I flattened this page. I need to put it back to master child but move the header on the master down into a wrapper and see if it works. 

Hi Jack

If you can recreate the error and send me a link then I can check it again for you.

I’ll setup a similar page on sites and debug it for you on Monday.

We have developed quite a few sites with headers and no issues except IE in the way of styling differences.

Let me know.