For a New Task Page, default Assigned to to Current User

Hi all, 

I am creating pages for creating new tasks - one general and one for a “log a call” scenario which have some meta-data pre-populated specific to call tasks. 

How can I automatically populate the “assigned to” field with the name of the user performing the action? 

I have reviewed this similar thread ( but it seems to apply to creating a record inline in a table as opposed to a “new” page, and I can’t see where I would apply this merge field as a default. 


For a “New Task” page, it’s very easy — just add a Condition on your new Task Model on the OwnerId field, with the value set to the User Id property of the Running User:

This Condition will be applied to the auto-created new Task record in your Model.

Hey Zach, 

I was trying this but the one challenge is if 10% of the time, someone wants to create a task for someone else. 

It seems like when I use model conditions for field defaults then it enforces it and prevents the user from selecting any other value. 

Is there a way of populating a value as the initial state for the field then allowing the user to over-ride it if they wish? 

Thanks for the quick response!

Yeah that should be fine, the Condition in this scenario will only be used as a default value, but if you include the OwnerId field in a Field Editor in Edit mode in your New Task page, your users should be able to override the default Owner.

Oh hey it worked. I had to use the Owner.Name field to get the name instead of the ID but then it worked like a charm. I swear last night it was changing it back on me but today it allowed me to over-ride it. 

Perfect! Thanks a lot.