Flows/Visualforce in Skuid Page


I’ve reviewed the following posts but not sure how to and if using iFrames in Salesforce is a good idea as they’ve disabled the support of iFrames. 

What I need to do is to host a visual flow in a Skuid page but not sure how to do that.

Please advise!


Is it possible to recreate using Wizard and the Action Framework?

Can I plug in the VF page details right in there or are there further development work that will need to be done?

Thank you for replying!

It would mean recreating it in Skuid.  I’ve found it’s often faster to recreate things in Skuid than try to figure out workarounds to use standard SFDC functionality.

While I agree with Joe,  I also want to assure you that Salesforce is still allowing iFrames in thier page.  They have disabled them in HTML components on the Home page,  but they are allowed in plenty of ways. 

Where exactly do you want the VF page to bel placed in your Skuid page? 

Rob, I need to pull in a visual flow into a Skuid page. How should I do this?

Look at this forum topic.  Zach lays it all out in some detail:  https://community.skuidify.com/skuid/topics/best_way_to_incorporate_visual_flows