Firefox browser not supported

i have created 5 skuid pages in salesforce using chrome browser.
but i am unable to work these pages in Firefox browser.
any body help please

Seem to work fine for me. Logging into salesforce on firefox using the same credentials? These pages can be previewed in Chrome?

chrome,safari,opera its working fine,but not working firefox…
my firefocx browser version is:33.0.3

I was 32.0.3. Upgraded to 33.0.3 and still good on my end.

Try clearing all history and cache in firefox. Maybe even extensions and the like are interfering. Who knows.

Tavva - when you say its not working, what do you mean?  Is the page simply blank?  Do you see any errors in the javascript console? Can you use other salesforce functions? 

And - what OS are you using? 


Rob - i opened any skuid pages in firefox browser its showing simple blank.

TypeError: skuid.$ is undefined Job_Management_Tab:176
TypeError: skuid.label is undefined Job_Management_Tab:178
TypeError: c is undefined runtime.js:2
TypeError: skuid.snippet is undefined

these are the errors showing in console.
we are using only skuid functionality only not SFDC.

OS- windows 7 and 8.1

Looks as though javascript isn’t loading for the page. I’d say the security settings are too high in Firefox. There’s probably a master setting for security where it is set to high or medium-high. Try setting it lower. If that’s it then you can look into advanced settings to set javascript specifically.

It looks to me as though there are errors in your custom javascript.  It seems as though Chrome is working through the errors and still letting the page work, while Firefox is not working that hard.   I’d try removing the Javascript resource.  What happens then?  

I’m also curious about your final statement.  What do you mean by “we are using only Skuid functionality only not SFDC”

I’m running to an issue with Firefox compatibility for a user. User is running latest version of Firefox on a Mac. The page loads but it will not save (user clicks save and it just sits there). It works for me on Firefox (on Windows) and it works for the user on Chrome. Any suggestions how to troubleshoot?