Finding where to turn on/off Date Granularity

I am sure it is a symptom of age but for the life of me in Charts I cannot find where we can turn on or off the Date Granularity dropdown that sometimes appears on our charts?

It seems to render there sometimes but not other times?

Can it be switched on?

Hi David, hope you are well! If this options is available on some of your charts but not on all, I’m wondering if it’s a filter or something similar that you’ve built by yourself. Could you please share the following information with us:

  1. A screenshot of a Skuid page preview including the dropdown that appears on a chart the way you want it

  2. A screenshot of that page in the App Composer

  3. A screenshot of a Skuid page preview that shows the chart without the dropdown

  4. A screenshot of that page in the App Composer

  5. Which Skuid version is currently installed? (you can find this information in Salesforce Setup under Installed Packages)


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@David_Forder - no judgement. There are so many properties in Skuid (and charts in particular) that it can be hairy to remember where the levers are.

Date granularity is shown when a Date (or DateTime) field is used for the Category Axis. We then show “Default date granularity” and “additional granularity” properties. Make sure there are no selections in the “additional granularity” property multi-picklist.

See the image below (From a V2 page - but in V1 it is totally the same)


Thanks Luzie & Rob. I swear I looked there! Must be age

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