Finding the "row in context" id through action framework or javascript in a popup on a table

I have a calendar with a parent object. This parent object has a child object with a Master Detail Relationship.

The calendar events show the parent object. Clicking on an event opens a pop-up with a table showing the child object data. 

I am trying to create a button on the title of the popup that will allow me to add list of specific child records. The “context” of the popup is the calendar event id.

I have tried both the action framework and javascript and I cannot figure out how to reference the parent calendar id. On the table, when I add a new row manually, the id is filled automatically, but in the action framework and javascript, I am struggling to find this data. 
I tried “params.component.condition[0].value”. Any ideas on how to find this id?

I figured it out! I needed an “s” on condition. Man, it is always the little things that get me.