Find model based on arguments[0] in custom field renderer

I have a custom field renderer I’m making for phone fields. In the snippet, I need to get the Id of the record. This wouldn’t be a problem if I was only using this on one model, but I’ll be using it on all phone fields. That said, I have to dynamically pull in the record Id from the model in which the custom field renderer is used.

This it?

var field = arguments[0]
, value = arguments[1]
, field.Model;

WOOOT! WOOOOOT!!! Some of this code is original from me!!!
, fmodel = field.model            //get row of the field that was clicked
            , frow = field.row
            , waid = fmodel.getFieldValue(frow,‘Id’)

var field = arguments[0] , value = arguments[1] , decodedValue = skuid.utils.decodeHTML(value) , renderer = skuid.ui.fieldRenderers[field.metadata.displaytype] , mode = field.mode , $ = skuid.$; // get a shorthand reference to jquery // we want to use the default skuid rendering since we are not doing // anything special to the information displayed in this field // need to call decode because the 'value' from arguments[1] is escaped // but the renderer needs the unescaped value as it will escape it internally renderer[mode](field, decodedValue); // find the first anchor - there should only be one but just being safe var anchor = $(field.element).find('a:first'); // if we found an anchor (we won't find one when in edit mode) if (anchor &amp;&amp; anchor.length) { // set the href attribute value $(anchor).attr('href', 'skype:' + decodedValue); // add event listener for click // NOTE - This doesn't handle cases like right click or keyboard // events so if those are needed, this needs to be adjusted. This will // only handle left-mouse click $(anchor).on('click', function () { var csModel = skuid.model.getModel('SkuidPageSettings') //get first row from SkuidPageSettings , csRow = csModel &amp;&amp; csModel.getFirstRow() //get model from the field that was clicked , fmodel = field.model //get row of the field that was clicked , frow = field.row , waid = fmodel.getFieldValue(frow,'Id') ; // make sure we found the row if (csRow) { // for information on initiatorid see - csModel.updateRow(csRow, 'waid__c', waid, { initiatorId: field._GUID }); //for boolean data types, you can use the following csModel.updateRow(csRow, 'Checked__c', false, { initiatorId: field._GUID } ); /* if you want to update more than one field at a time, use the following construct var rowUpdates = { // create a javascript object and set object key/value pairs Checked__c : false , waid__c : waid }; csModel.updateRows(row, rowUpdates, { initiatorId: field._GUID }); */ } }); }<br>