Filters on Case Status - Can the options be limited as in Support Processes?

I’m using SF case objects for several different ‘types’ of cases.  
Each case type has a different SF support process, with differing case statuses.

In the SF Case Status field, I add all the possible status values for every type.
In the SF Case Support Processes, I limit the available status names for a specific support process.  The support process is assigned to a Case Record Type.

So far so good.  Skuid respects the support process status types in the case status field editor.

But on a queue filter (haven’t tried other filters elsewhere), the list of statuses is the combined list for all case types. (I presume it’s just the list of possible field values)

Is it possible to manually limit this list of filter values?  I haven’t found a way.

- I have a condition on the model, where I specify the values:

Perhaps a future filter option could be have a selection for model condition to use for the list of filter values.


I think you want to look at this tutorial:…

It relates to the opportunity sales process, but I think the essentials are the same. 

Thanks, didn’t see that.  That gets me partway there, (I cheated and just made manually made a fixed filterItems array.)

- As far as I can tell, you can’t use the multi-select option filters with this method (In queue filters anyway) - You don’t get the option to add a source manually for the filter. (Adding this as a skuid feature would fix all this)

So I can have the filter be disabled, the ‘none selected’ option, or one case type at a time.

Ideally, I’d like to have an “All Open Cases”, Then “New”, “Working”, “Escalated” as separate options.  
AND also be able to select “Closed”, so on the rare circumstances where they need to search for a closed case, they can from the same screen.
As of now, I have the model condition disabled for “All Open Cases” which shows closed cases.

Thanks again


You are right about multi-select option filters not allowing snippets.  Sorry about that.  I don’t think we are going to be able to completely satisfy your use case.