Filtering on Record Owner Using "Rows in a Model" Source Type is Wonky

Trying to create a filter based on record owner (this is for the table of accounts on AccountsTab but should be similar for other objects). 

I have the filter set up like so: 

And I get output like so: 

As you can see each owner is listed multiple times. 

The weird thing is it does seem to work if I select a specific person, but the three problems are: 

1) Obviously each name is repeated multiple times which looks very broken 

2) There are many owners not represented at all

3) Once I select an owner, none of the other owners are available for selecting. I have to go back to “Any owner” to make the other owners visible again. I guess because the rows in the model have been filtered so the entire list of owners is no longer available? 

So just wondering if there’s a way to get this working more neatly or if I have to create a manual source for each user which would be sucky to build and maintain. 

Interesting problem. 

1. You are sourcing your drop down list from the Account model - so it will show all the “owner” values that are in that model,  duplicates and all. In addition, if an owner doesn’t happen to be in the rows you returned on Accounts - they won’t be in the list.  Pity them…

2. Then when you select a owner - you are requerying the model completely and now it only has rows with the selected owner.  

What you want to do is create a second model - probably on the User object - and make this the source of your dropdown. 

Good instructions for this are found here:…    Look for use case 5 or 6. 

This worked like a charm. Thanks Rob.