Filtering Dates with a Formula

We would like to filter some records in a table by the start date’s month.The best way I thought I could do this was to create a text formula field to read the Month of the Start Date (January, February, ect.). I created “Month Formula” field to achieve this. I created this condition: FIELD Tenor__c records where Month_Formula__c OPERATOR is VALUE a blank value STATE This condition, named Month_Formula__c can be modified by filters, but is off by default. and then set up a filter that effects that model condition. I set it to a manual source and added an option for each month (the readout options from my formula). It is of course not working. The formula field is giving the correct readout, but the filter shows no results ever.

Well, there could be a lot of reasons.  You should check out the filter cheet sheet we just published last week:…

In that document we detail instructions for filters based on different use cases.  The one you tried is number 3 in our cheat sheet.  You could have also tried number 6. 

The one factor I think you need to double check is that when you set up the filter and add new options.  The Label can be whatever you want,  but the Value has to be exactly the values that your formula field is spitting out.  Its case sensitive too.   A good way to double check is to put the formul field in your table and then actually copy one of the output values from the previewed page - and put that in the option Value property. 

There is a troubleshooting section in that document above that may provide some other hints.   (About SOQL Debugging and all…)