Filter table based on user input values and also filter data in table based on child records

I have added 10 different account fields on the page.Based on the user entered values in these account fields,I need to display data in a table.Please let me know how to filter data in a table based on user entered values.Also,two of the fields entered by the user are child record names,based on these child record names I need to fetch all the parent account records and display in the table.Please help!

The comments in this post might help:[settings][filter_by]=all

SELECT Opportunity.Opportunity_Name,
                        FROM Opportunity
                       WHERE Account__c IN
                            (SELECT AccountId
                             From User
                             WHERE username=:UserInfo.getUsername())];
        return recordList;

this is used to get user id and u have to apply filter conditions im also new to this

Yes!  I would say check out the link that Raymond posted. You could also use Model Actions instead of Buttons so that, for example, whenever a field on that Account Field Editor is edited, it would run a series of Actions via the Action Framework to query the table.  The only thing is the actions might fire before the user is ready, so tying them to a button would prevent that.

You can add a “Result of Subquery” Condition to your Opportunity Model in Skuid to limit to just Opportunities whose AccountId field , or a custom field Account__c, is the result of a SOQL Sub-query. When creating the Condition, select “Result of Subquery” for the Condition Value Type, “User” for the Join Object, “AccountId” for the Join Field. Then, click the plus icon on the Condition to add a Sub-Condition . Set the Sub-Condition’s Field to “Id” / User Id, and set the Value Type to “Running user attribute”, which will default to the “User Id” user info property.

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I am Btech graduate student of final year we are doing a project on salesforce im absolutely new to this i have a small doubt on conditions they are 4
 filterable off
filterble on
Always on
Always off im not understanding where to use the correct one can u tell about them

if u dont have any time just post any pdf file here
Thanking you

Here is a video tutorial: - YouTube

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