Filter Table based on UI only fields

Added 4 UI-only pick-list fields(Not associated with any Field in SFDC) on the page.Need to fetch data from a custom object and display in a table based on the user selection in UI only pick-list fields.Is this possible?

Certainly. You can use model action “Row in Model updated” with “When which Fields(s) are updated?” set to the UI field you created. Then use action framework on this model action to set & query the model for the table using the value of the UI only field.

Even if I am setting the model action as “Row in Model updated” ,table is not getting displayed based on UI only fields.Can you please let me know the steps since I am new to Skuid?

Well. It would take 5 minutes over Skype. pat.vachon.77

Thanks so much for your help.I retested my page and it worked.Now I am trying to filter table based on multiple values instead of one.Probably I will be needing your help soon since I am new to Skuid development and will get connected to you. Thanks…