Filter table based on another field in row

I have two fields in a model: Quantity_Available__c and Inventory_Item__r.Reorder_When__c.

I’d like to be able to filter a table based on a comparison of those two fields (i.e. a toggle filter called Items to Reorder that would turn on a condition Quanitity_Available__c <= Inventory_Item__r.Reorder_When__c).

I can’t find a way to easily compare the values of a field to a field in the same row. I thought I’ve seen an ‘another field in row’ option somewhere. (Maybe conditional rendering?). Any way we can get that option for model conditions?

Perhaps I’m totally missing something. Any other way to accomplish this?

I suppose I could run some javascript to iterate through each item in the list and show or hide them based on a comparison of the values?