Filter set doesn't seem to work - there has to be something I'm missing

I’ve got a filter set with a single toggle, and just as a test I’ve been trying to get the toggle when activated, to only show contacts on the table below it with the first name of “Aaron”. I realize that may be pointless, but I’m just trying to make sure I can get the syntax down, then turn to real-world business needs.

I’ve got a condition on the model that looks at the name field, if it starts with Aaron, and the state is filterable default off. The toggle itself is set for ‘conditions to toggle’ with the one and only condition on that model, ‘onlyAarons’. 

When the toggle gets toggled, nothing happens. The screen flashes somewhat, indicating its trying to toggle, but none of the data changes. 

Hi Devin,

You might be missing this one simple step here when configuring the filter: (screen recording)

I’ve made a page with your specs here (2 files, one in v1, and one in v2, but I’m guessing your experiment is using Skuid v1 pages) that you can use to compare with your page (To use this shared xml, when creating new page, select Upload XML option)

Hope that helps! Also, you might already noticed, but Filter Set is one of the more advanced components of Skuid that require a bit of trial/error and configurations to get it right (same with charts btw) (speaking from experience :D). So don’t give up and keep experimenting!