Filter REST model client side

I’d like the ability to configure filters (multiselect, toggle, etc.) client-side. Specifically to be used to filter a REST model.

Hi Brayden,

This would indeed be awesome. I was able to find a hacky solution if it’s critical functionality - you can use context conditions in a deck and a UI-only picklist with the desired filter values to approximate client side filtering, like so:

This was just based on some initial testing, so it’s possible you could take this further. But it would probably be better to build a custom component or wait for the functionality to come in a later Skuid release. Thanks,


Hey Brayden,

I see this thread is a bit old, but wanted to update it in case somebody stumbles across it. 

Good news! You are now able to do this in Skuid v2 pages, happy to elaborate if needed.

Thank you,