Filter filter options (and/or respect field lookup filters)

Just like you have the option to filter lookup fields in a field editor…

it would be useful if we could employ the same configuration ability on filters in filtersets and table filters instead of getting irrelevant data that the user then has to sort through visually.

Has anyone figured a workaround for this?

Only workaround I know of is to use a ui-only picklist field as a filter (so you’re using a field editor instead of a filter component). There are a few examples on the community, but I’m too lazy to look them up now.
Basically, you’re using javascript to render the field with the filtered picklist, and then you can use the ui to set the value of a condition and query when the field is changed.

Wow that was simpler than I thought. I needed a multi select picklist. Never used a model as a source for multi select picklist before. Thanks Matt!