Filter Entitlement History based on the Entitlement detail page

Hi, I want to show the Entitlement History related list on the Entitlement Detail page. I had table with Entitlement history as the model. By default it is displaying all the activities within the Entitlements history object (I.e. all the history related to all the entitlements). But i want to see only the history related to the Entitlement that i am looking at. what condition should i have on the Entitlement history model so that i can see only the history related to a particular entitlement. I tried different conditions but no luck. Can anyone help me out with this issue?

It looks like the Entitlement History object has a field called EntitlementId.  You should add that as a condition on your entitlement history object that looks like:

Field From Another Model
Field: EntitlementId
Operator: Is
Value: Source Model -> Entitlement (your entitlement model)
Source field: Id
filter is always on

Hi, I actually got this thing working in this time gap. The condition that i used is EntitlementId=(param)id. I Thank you very much for the Info you shared.