Filter drawer from primary table filter

I have an aggregate table on the Opportunity object that groups opportunities by sales reps (custom obj) and sums the Amounts of their opportunities. I then have a drawer to show each opportunity and some details about each. On the main table I also have a filter to show totals based on the opportunities Stage. So (Example) we see on the main table Brad Jones (sales rep) has $100,000 in opportunities accross all stages but if we filter the stage to only show Closed Won we see he only has $25,000 in “Closed Won” opportunities. What I want is to, at this point, open the drawer and it show only the opportunities that are “Closed Won”. How do I accomplish this?

Sorry, I am not really following but are you familiar with Before Load actions? Maybe they can help. Page Not Found — Skuid v15.1.6 Documentation

Meghan,  this is actually not easily possible today.  You can’t build a filter on model A and have it impact the items in the drawer contained within it that actually shows data from model B. 

Pat has posted some code about cross model conditions (where condition on model A affects model B)  but I cannot guarantee it will be effective in this case.

Thank you Rob-- that is exactly what I was looking for. Bummer