Filter Calendar View by User

I am trying to create a work scheduling Calendar and need to be able to filter the calendar based on users, ie., so we can see what each user has allocated within their current Calendars. Not being able to filter the calendar on user means there is too much in the calendar to be able to see where the gaps are and thus schedule in work. 

How can I add a filter to allow the Work Schedule to filter the calendar by User ?


Our calendar component doesn’t have the ability to do interactive filtering (like our table component),  but if you can find a way to implement a condition on the work model driving the calendar, it will narrow down the data shown. 

The easiest way to do that is by putting a condition on work model that only shows items assigned to the currently active user.  That way each user can see “My work”  

If you need to be able to select between different users, you can try building the calendar on a separate page - with a URL Parameter condition on the event model.  Then you can  select the user in a prior page and pass the user ID as a URL parameter into the calendar page.   Our Queue component will achieve the same effect on a single page. 

Finally, Zach made a devilish suggestion about using a dummy field as a selector,  that is then passed into the model condition.    Its a hack - but I think you could use it.  Look here:…   Note - that the use case is slightly different,  but you should be able to make it work. 

Let us know if these approaches work. 

You can currently add Filters to Day Scheduling view in the Calendar, but not to Week or Month view.

Thanks Zach, how do we apply a filter to filter the day events by user ?

The Filter on Day view is actually being applied to the “grouping model” So this would only work if your day scheduling calendar was grouped by user. (Each user got a lane)

But if that is the case, figure out what the grouping model is, and set a condition on it somtthing like:
Field: UserID is the UserID of the user running this page and state “filterable default off”

and then select the day scheduling view in the builder and add a filter feature.

Configure the filter just like you would configure a table filter. For a pretty extensive cheat sheet on setting up filters look here:…

Hope that helps.

I was looking for a creative way to filter the calendar per view…month, week, etc…  / user like you can on the day view.  It is common for us to have customers that have offices with office staff that do the scheduling and they need to see all staff schedules.  The problem is this works fine with the day view, but not on the month or week, because there can be 20+ persons on staff and the calendar is way over filled.  If they could filter per user or other fields on the models then a view could be created that would work well.  We tried grouping on the week view, but this does not work well when over a few staff members.  Really like to see this as an improvement area in a future release :) 

(If anyone has a similar use case and has created work arounds please let me know.)


Good use case for Action Framework that should not be buried in another topic. Please reference the new topic here: Filter Calendar by User - Using the Action Framework

Hi Rob,

The link to the cheat sheet isn’t working. Would you please provide an updated link.



Updated link: