Fileupload Component - After Upload Actions


I need to perform some actions after a file was successfully uploaded. Sadly there are no “Multiple Actions” nor “Run Snippet” options available.
Is there an event I can subscribe to or do I have to make a different approach?


following upload, the model that the file uploads to automatically requeries. You can use a model action that is triggered on requery to execute after upload actions

The file is stored in “Attachments” and that model is not included on the page (which I want to leave it that way if possible).

I was unable to figure out a way around this other than using your own uploader. There are Skuid community posts on multiple file uploading and a few other variations that reference third party upload components that you can customize for your needs.

Is there really no event that get’s published after the file was uploaded successfully?

Not that I know of. I had a back and forth in a community post about this based on needing to do the same thing you are trying to do. It basically boiled down to that there are plans to enhance the uploader to include a variety of additional options, but right now, as far as I know, there aren’t an options other than the requery after upload which may not apply to attachment uploads. I use chatter feed uploads.

Have you considered using SF Setup declarative options?

You can use Workflow, Process Builder or Flow on the File object when the File Upload component is set to “In Field on Record”.

You can use Flow on the Attachment object when the File Upload component is set to “in Attachment to Record”.

Worst case, you can Apex to do pretty much anything.

That would be a possibility too, but I would still rather prefer Skuid to perform the actions (keeping it as simple as possible :wink: ), especially if such a functionality would exist.

Yes. Sometimes though Skuid isn’t the place to do this. Especially if this series of actions is to be performed in more than one page. Declarative AND server side is typically a better way to go.


Raymond is right, this functionality does not exist in Skuid at the moment. I will change this to an idea under consideration and bring it to the team to consider for a future release.

Vote it up if also want to have this functionality!


Karen, Yes please that would be wonderful :slight_smile:

has this been implemented yet?


I see it in Brooklyn (9.5.4).  Check the File Upload component for the On Upload Actions tab.



That’s correct guys, this has been implemented as of our Brooklyn release.