File Upload Problem in Site

I have a Skuid page with a File Upload that attaches the image to a custom object. It works great when I am viewing my page in Salesforce.

When I view the page via a Site, the upload button sort of works but not totally. It does upload the file to the object, but the button does not update to show the newly uploaded file.

See video.

I have included the Visualforce Page UploadImage in the site as instructed.

Any ideas?


Really hoping to find a fix to this bug soon as I need to roll out this interface ASAP.

Any help from Skuid tech support on this bug?


Hi Tony, what version of Skuid are you running? I think we have a fix for this.

If you’re already running a version of Skuid like 7.24, I think you’ll need to re-copy your local version of to duplicate the latest version that Skuid provides.

It works!

I was on Skuid 7.19. I upgraded to the latest (7.27) and copied the new Skuid version of the visualforce page UploadImage onto my local copy.

Thanks for the tip!