File Upload Issue - Skuid to Salesforce

We are having an issue where incomplete files are being uploaded to Salesforce. The upload appears to be successful in Skuid, but when we try to open the PDF, it fails to open. Upon further inspection of the file, it appears 1/3 of the file content is missing. We are on Skuid version 11.0.2

Hi Marilyn, can you tell us a bit more about your problem.

  • How and where are you trying to open the PDF? Are you opening it from the Skuid page? 
  • Can you access the file directly in Salesforce? Any difference?
  • Are you using Skuid on Salesforce or Skuid Platform with Salesforce as a data source?

Hello Khamla, I believe we are using Skuid on Salesforce. The PDF cannot be opened in Skuid or native Salesforce.

Hi Marilyn, there have been a few fixes for bugs related to File Upload since your current version. I would recommend you try upgrading in a sandbox to at least the 11.2.x release and let us know if the problem is still there.