File upload duplicating attachments

I’m using a Queue with the Item Action as multiple actions to load the detail of a record. The detail contains a file upload component. When I drag and drop a file, it will duplicate the attachment on the correct record and also add multiple attachments of the same file to the next record in the queue.

If I drag and drop to a record that is not first in the queue, it will duplicate the file on the first record in the queue. However, if I use the File upload button and manually select the file, it works perfectly fine - no duplication of files on the record or other unassociated records.

This happened in both v7.20 and the newest version of Skuid v7.24.

Can you describe your action sequence used when the queue is clicked?   I suspect that you end up having multiple records in context, and that the file component is attaching the files to all of them.  Make sure that only one detail record is loaded at a time in your queue.  Your action sequence might start with emptying the model before new rows are queried. 

Hi Rob,

The item action when the queue is clicked is:
Activate and set model for ModelDetail Id = {{Id}}
Query ModelDetail - standard query

The ModelDetail has a Max # of records = 1, so I don’t believe multiple records should be an issue? It’s strange that the file would duplicate on the correct record only when it is dragged and dropped. What would cause this? 


Hi Chelsea,

I was able to duplicate this behavior in my org. We’ll get this fixed in Update 6. Thanks for reporting it.