File Upload - Confirmation Popup for Deletion

I have a few fields on the Contact object that are of the ‘lookup (file)’ data type and allow users to upload a single specific document related to that Contact. For example, “Attach: Credit Application”.

The default field renderer in Skuid for fields like this is ‘File Upload’ which works great! Except for one big problem… It is waayyy too easy to accidentally delete an uploaded file, and so, I’m asking if there is any way to setup a pop-up that would say “Are You Sure You Wish to Delete?”

Please see attached imaged. Thank you for any suggestions.

For anyone interested, I found a simple work-around for this by: creating a Page Title Button with the Confirmation Pop-Up.

It’s also necessary that your File Upload component has the “Allow Removal” checkbox set to false.


Thanks for posting an answer here Roman.  Appreciate the contribution.