File path for CSS Static Resource?

I’m a little confused as to the formatting for the ‘File Path’ field for a static resource. I have a file called HoverCSS that is loaded into the Static Resources in Salesforce-- what should go into the File Path field in order to be able to reference that file?

Have you tried leaving the File Path field empty?

Ah, I guess I was misinterpreting what that field is for. So the only field I need to worry about is the Resource Name? Even with just that filled in, I’m still having some trouble using the custom css file.

The path is only necessary if your Static Resource is a zip file.  If you just uploaded the CSS file as a static resource, then you should leave that field blank.

What sort of trouble are you experiencing? Is the CSS file being loaded successfully, or not at all?

Do you know how to check if the file is loaded?  Open Chrome Developer Tools and check the Resources folder in the Sources Tab.

Did you select the Public option for Cache Control?  

Take a look at this tutorial… and the section How to Create the OpportunityJS Static Resource.

Check out this video starting a little after minute 6:00.  John explains how to configure static resources.