Fields not showing on layout

We have a new installed app with custom fields (in standard objects) and custom objects.  When I add the fields to a native SF layouts, they populate and appear.  When I add them to a Skuid layout, they don’t appear (I don’t even get the field labels).  I think this might be a permissions issue but not sure where I start on that.  

Hey Allison, we would like to know the following:

  1. Which Salesforce Edition do you use?
  2. Which Skuid version do you use?
  3. Does this happen with all custom fields?

1. Enterprise Edition
2. Skuid 12.1.7
3. No, just certain fields (so far, custom fields from the install app that are in a standard SF Object (Account)).  Other custom fields that I created manually in the Accounts object are showing.

Thanks! We reached out via email.