Field value won't clear / delete

Several fields won’t clear their values when I delete the values. They are also not triggering the save/cancel buttons that are set to render when the model has unsaved changes. 

These fields are set to render if a picklist field has certain values, but even when I disable that rendering they still are acting like this. 

I’ve never seen anything like this before, any ideas? I’m going to just delete the fields from the model and add back again and see if that helps. I had a similar issue last week with fields not respecting new dependency criteria on the skuid layout until I deleted them from the model and added them back again, so maybe that will help. 

I have two field editors for the same model on the same tab, could this be causing the problem? It hasn’t caused any problems in the past, I recently updated to the latest Banzai… Also it lets me input data just fine. 

Ok, so here’s what I figured out - all these fields I was working with are Percent fields that aren’t clearing, and Skuid somehow does not want them to have a blank value. BUT, if I put in a 0 (zero) then it will accept that as a change, render my Save/Cancel buttons and save with a value of 00.0000%. That’s not really great because we have other rules elsewhere about rendering if the field is blank/not blank, but at least we can edit it. 

Jack…I was helping another community member and saw the same thing with number fields.  You cannot leave them blank.  I am not sure if this is intended or if this is a bug.

Here is the link to the issue we saw:

totally agree, I have also rules and validations depending if is blank or not (0 is a possible value, blank no) 

Looks like Zach is working on it.  See reply here.…

I have the same issue and had to write JS to workaround for now.

@Skuid team, do you have an ETA for this fix?  I need to set proper expectations with the customer as to whether I roll out my interim solution or ask them to wait for the proper fix.  Please advise.  


This has been addressed in Banzai Update 6 - Patch 1 (7.27.1), now available from Skuid releases page.

Confirmed, thanks!