Field tool tips off left side of screen

We have user report that when they hover over the field tool tips on the left side of the screen, the popup bubble does not push to right and the words get cutoff on the left side.  We are not using a sidebar and this is in a Salesforce community.

Has anyone ran into this same issue and have a fix?

We are having the same issue.

Skuid Team - Outside of trying to intercept the way skootip handles default positioning, any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Hi Barry and Bill,

This has been fixed in our dev org.  It should make it into our next patch release.  If you need something sooner, let me know.

Hi Ben -

Awesome news.  For us, next patch release works just fine.

Appreciate the quick fix, thank you!

The fix for this is now available in patch 6.8.7, available from

Thanks for letting us know Zach!

Tested and confirmed, thank you!