Field that's encrypted in SF is not encrypted in Skuid

I have a field that is encrypted in Salesforce but it shows on the Skuid page.

Encrypted Fields are not currently supported in Skuid. We have added it to our roadmap for an upcoming release.

This might be considered a hack, and certainly should not be considered true security - because the real data for the field is available to the Client,  but you can mask the display of data on the screen with a simple Javascript Snippet. 

Create a resource of type “Inline Snippet”   and name it  somthing like "Encrypt"

Use code that looks something like this: 

``` var field = arguments[0];
var value = arguments[1];
var minValue = value.slice(-4);
var text = "***-**-"+minValue;
skuid.ui.fieldRenderers.TEXT[field.mode](field, text); ```

Then in your tables or field editors,  choose a "custom" renderer and refer to the "Encrypt" snippet. 

This will only work on String fields, so you might need to do some Text conversion of SSN’s or Phone numbers or other sensitive data of other types. 

NOTE! IMPORTANT NOTE!  I can't stress enough that this is NOT SECURE ENCRYPTION.  The data for this field is available in the browser and can easily be obtained in the console.  It merely masks the display. 

Hi Skuid! Any update on this?

Support for Encrypted Text Fields will be available with the GA release of Banzai.