Field Renderer for Template

Is there a way to add a field renderer to a template component?  I need to run a custom snippet to open a drawer when a new row is added to a table, but all of my table fields are templates.  Is this possible?  Is there maybe a more direct approach?

I assume you use the template field to merge different fields on the model.

As you have full control in the custom field renderer, you can simply use ANY field on your model and then access to the specific ones you need in the snippet.

I actually think you are talking apples and oranges here Scott. 

The snippet you want to write will occur on new row creation - and a model action can be used to trigger the snippet.  It will be used to open all the drawers on the table.  So no need to create a custom renderer. 

Then the table with all its templates can be shown.  The only problem is that the templates cannot be editable in a table  (I’ve been pushing for this for 3 years!).  So once you create your row - you will have to come up with some other way of updating the values of fields shown in your templates. 

Hopefully that works for you.