Field Rendered Fade In Effects

Is there anybody that has applied any kind of Fade In Effects on fields when they “Appear” due to conditional rendering?

What I am wanting specifically is a way for the user to notice that a new field appeared underneath the field they are currently editing once a render condition is met. With the field just appearing the user could easily miss the extra fields when working the form.

It would be Nice if I could make the field border be Red/Orange and then fade out or something like that.

This is not really an issue for the fields that have required information but more for the fields that have “Extra” inputs based on master field.

This may not be completely satisfactory - but it is a start. 

If you render field editor sections or columns - there are some nice animation features that occur automatically.  The new part slides into view.

I didn’t even think about that, that will probably suffice as it is Eye Catching when those slide in. It would be nice if I could apply that to any component that gets rendered conditionally. Great suggestion though Rob!