field inputs don't show up on iphone

I’m having an urgent issue where the fields in a form using v2 do not show up on a phone browser, iphone or android. 

The field labels show up, just none of the input boxes. 

This is only happening in a skuid v2 page. Built a quick version of the page in v1 and it’s working fine. Not a great experience for my first real effort in v2

Jack, is this in VF or Lightning? Browser or SF app?

EDIT: You said browser. Do you know if it works in the SF app?

Hey Matt, I didn’t test the SF app, but I ended up rebuilding the model and then it worked fine. A few things I had done that maybe affected it:

- There was a lot of display logic, depending on multiple models including a UI model (there still is now, but maybe in the process of building things something got wonky)
- I had the forms by themselves, then I put them in a wizard, then I took them out of the wizard and deleted the wizard (love the new vertical wizard layout and that the step numbers are automatically clickable links, so good)
- Some fields that got added to the model changed field type after getting added. The builder looked like it picked up the changes, but in runtime those changes were not showing until I removed the field from the model and added it again, and even then didn’t get picked up right away.
- someone else edited and saved the page and when I got the error about different versions, i chose my version as the current page

In general this was all built very quickly, so it could have even been a case of too much button pushing. I’ve had similar experiences in v1, where it’s kind of a SNAFU and the only thing that fixes it is rebuilding the model, due to something getting crossed in the xml maybe. So all in all, probably just a fluke. 

I’m coming around to v2. Some weird things are missing, like setting widths on a wrapper, but the design system is SO much better than themes, and I’m excited to discover new features, like display logic based on viewport size, new components, etc. 

Jack, that’s really great feedback and I’ll pass it on. We’ll try to recreate the behavior to see what would produce this issue.