Field in Tab Name

I’m creating a timesheet application and I have a tab set that has tabs for each day of the week (Mon-Sun). I have the tabs named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc…, but I would like to also include the date which belongs to that particular day of the week. Is there a way I can add the date field from my model into the tab name?

The secret is that the Tab Label field will accept template syntax allowing you to get at data within your Salesforce Instance. So you can use {{ double brackets }} to your hearts content. There is a catch. Since Tabsets are not related to models they don’t automatically know where to fetch your data - so you need to use the following syntax: {{$}} Where “ModelName” is the model name you provided in the page builder and “RowNumber” is an integer (1, 2 etc). Hope this works for you.

Found this after posting a similar idea, can you include the field selector on the tab label field to show the Admin-User this capability?

Also, any clues on showing a Count of rows in a model?

Good question that merits is own answer Please reference the new topic here: Can I show Number of Rows in Model in the Tab Name?


I’m trying to add a field’s data to the tab;s name.

Following example above, but still no result.

Can anyone help by any chance?




How many records have the model? this syntax is 0 based, so, the first record is 0, second is 1,…

so if you only have 1 record: {{$}} 

Thank you very much that worked!

Happy Thanksgiving :slight_smile: