Field editor fields ID and class

It will be nice if we can set the ID and Class of the field editor fields or have, by default the api name of the field as class (because you can put the same field several times in a page)

This will allow to apply specific css, or apply some javascript to that field (without creating a custom renderer).

I think it’s better than create a custom renderer only to apply a background or to set a id/class …

Pablo, we are considering adding the ability to specify at least Class Names for specific Columns, Sections, and Fields. One question — are you more interested in this for CSS Styling, or for programmatic control via JavaScript?

I’m more interested in styling: make bigger some data, background red in validations, … Things like that. But I’m also interested in some JavaScript (but olny to manipulate the HTML entity, jquery plugins for example, for the data I think the custom renderer is what we have to use).

One of the things I’ve done is:
I have a country object with a formula to get the local time of the country, and with a custom renderer I have set an id in this field. I have applied some css to the field and with an external JavaScript I have made a clock.