Field Defaults based off Profiles Mobile

I have a condition that was role based, so I created 2 buttons and added a render rule. That was able to distinguish 2 sets of actions depending on the role. Well now within that same record as well there is a field “record type” that I want to default based of the profile. So basically if it is profile A auto default to record type a Profile B auto default to record type b Any Ideas on how to go about this? Thank you all!


Here’s an example of how you can do that for a new account record:

Create an UI only formula field on the model based on the User object. In this case, I have 2 record types for the account object, AccountType1 and AccountType2. The formula is looking for the Profile ID for the System Administrator profile (you can put just {{ProfileId}} for the UI only formula field and preview it to see what the profile ID is of the current user) and returning one of the two account record types.

Then, on the Account model, have an action for when a row in the model is updated and have it update the account record type based on the UI only formula field from the User model.

Hope that helps!