Field always required once rendered...

I’m attempting to build a page that covers two separate scenarios for creating an Opportunity. The only important difference between these two scenarios is a lookup that exists on Opportunity that will be blank in one scenario but is required in the other.

Here is where the difficulty arises. We want the users to be able to course correct and switch between the scenarios while creating the Opportunity.

What I have found though is that once the reference field is rendered that is marked required, skuid is treating it as required regardless of if it is currently rendered…

Has anyone come across this? Is there a way to have a required field be ignored if it is not rendering?

Are you sure the lookup isn’t set as required in the object? Are you able to make the lookup field not required when adding it to your table or field editor? If not, then it’s set as required on the object in the Setup menu.

I can save a record without the lookup if I don’t ever select the option where it is required. That tells me that it is not required on the Object.

As far as setting it as not required on the field editor:
I have it set as Required on the one that renders
The other layout doesn’t include a version of this field at all(since it is not relevant to the scenario) 

You probably need to actually enter a conditional rendering statement on the specific field (more than just the field editor).  In that statement you can define what happens if the field is hidden.  There cancel the field value. 

Also - double check that the field is not shown anywhere else on the page.  This trips me up in wizards, where in one space I want to hkde the field, but in another area I want it shown.  If shown at all - were going to process the client side required-ness and you wont be able to do what you want where you ahve it hidden.  That’s confusing,  but I’m sure you  are up to it!