Field added to popup showing read only when field level security is not set to read only

I am creating a new popup to allow data entry.  It is launched as a Global Action from a Table component.  I had added the fields, but about half of them show Read Only, even though field level security is not set to Read Only.  I am not able to remove the check box.  Any ideas why this is happening and how I can correct it?

Sounds like you are adding fields from related objects. I don’t believe you can edit fields of related objects, just display them. The only option is to create separate models for each of the objects and uses separate components for each. You can coordinate the save of all models with a single button push.

Thanks for your response Raymond.  All of the fields on this popup are coming from the same model/same object and none of them are related to other objects.  Just your basic text, date and picklist fields, although I don’t seem to have this issue with any of the picklist fields.

Any other thoughts on what might be causing this?

A few questions:
Could you copy and paste the XML here? If it is short enough to fit, I’d love to see what you’re working with. 
Are you seeing this as an administrator or are specific users seeing this read only phenomena?

Stephen - Thanks for getting back to me.  This was failure 101 on my part.  I just checked and discovered that someone changed me to an alternate Sys Admin profile in the Skuid Dev Org and I hadn’t noticed it.  I then looked at field level security and saw that this alternate profile did not have access to these fields.  I’m back under the standard System Administrator now and those fields are working as expected.  Thanks for the assist and I apologize for any time wasted on this.

No worries Paul. I’m glad to hear it started working for you. No time wasted. Making you happy is literally my job. Don’t be shy.