Feedback form with radio button

I need to create a feedback form with question in one column and radio button as answers(good,poor…), is there any standard way to create a table with option as radio buttons??

khushboo…Skuid can render a picklist field as a radio button.  Just add a field editor to your page layout.  Remove the 2nd column.  Then add your fields to the remaining column.  For each field, change the field renderer to ‘radio button’.

Thanks Bill.

I’ll add this. To use a skuid table,  your questions need to records in an object and not different fields.  The table component iterates over records,  it cannot really be instructed to show field A on line 1,  field B on line 2 etc.   If this is your data model,  you could use a field editor and create pseudo table, but that would not be very extensible.

Is it possible to bind the radio button of a row so that user can select only one at a time, if i use field editor or I should go for normal VF page??? Ex: Q1 - 1 2 3 4( select only one option, these are radio button as option)

khushboo… it sounds like you should just make that one picklist field (with your ‘questions’ as the options for the picklist, and render it in a field editor as radio buttons.